Complete Forum System for free forums

Supports unlimited posts, topics, boards, subforums. Includes an advanced permission system to control permissions by member groups. Complete with post moderation system, with post approval, warnings, and moderation center. You will enjoy using Create A Forum as your free forum host. The leader in free forums that are easy and fun to use!

Built-in Portal

Included EzPortal gives you the power to build a custom forum site with ezBlocks and add custom pages to your forum.

Built-in Arcade

Includes 1000+ games to install for your forum members with highscore tracking

eCommerce System

Allows you to grow your forum and start your own business. The eCommerce system is an addon for your forum which allows you to sell both digital and physical products.

Classifieds System

Addon for your forum which allows your members to have auctions and listings with the option to charge a fee to list an item.

Branding Free Option

Option to park your own domain and remove branding from your hosted free forum to grow your community.

Create your free forum instantly.

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Welcome to Create A Forum!

Welcome to Create A Forum!

We welcome you to we have years of experience of building free forums/forum hosting sites and you will be amazed at the amount of features and tools that we offer to make your forum succeed! You will learn why Create A Forum is a leading free forum hosting service provider. At Create A Forum as a free forum hosting provider we are always focused on making updates to our free forum hosting system. You can also buy instagram followers to increase your social media rankings.

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